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In three words Abby is educated, experienced, and energetic! (Alliteration not planned.) Her easy going personality puts you at ease to make photographs enjoyable!

Abby has in depth knowledge and experience with photography. Her skills include extensive knowledge of natural outdoor and indoor off camera lighting. These skills make Abby virtually unlimited in where and when she can photograph. There is no event hall she can't light to capture those crucial moments of your father's tear as he gives you away or the love in your eyes as you dance for the first time as husband and wife. Brides who have fallen in love with her work have hired her to travel across the nation for their weddings, including New York, Texas, Utah, and more. 

Abby has a variety silly faces that makes it hard for kids to not crack a smile for a family photograph! For larger families where the children seem to plot how to avoid all smiling at the same time, Abby's photoshop skills can magically composite several images to piece together your best smiles into one image. Whether you want a formal posed session for a christmas card, a candid family session to capture your true personalities, or a mix of both Abby is equipped for both situations. Family photos do not have to be painful! 

Want amazing photographs at sunset? Done! That is Abby's specialty! While most photographs are limited by only photographing in natural light, Abby can photograph couple's at natures golden hour to create the highest quality artisan images that make your wedding photographs stand out from the crowd!

Where did Abby get all these amazing skills!? Abby is a certified professional photographer with a Bachelor's degree in photography and over 7 years of experience. That mouthful has a lot of meaning behind it! A certified professional photographer is an accreditation earned by passing an exam and a portfolio review by the board of Professional Photographers of America. Fewer than 5% of photographers have earned this merit! 

In her personal life, Abby is a wife, a mother, and an outdoor enthusiast! She lives in San Jose, California with her husband and 3 year old son. She teaches photography part time at a local high school, which she loves! Her favorite sport is rock climbing, which she does every chance she can get. She believes strongly in using her talents to give back, and has found heartbreaking fulfillment in her volunteer work with Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. Her husband and she are currently trying to expand their family through the miracle of adoption. 

Abby would love to get to know more about you! Please contact us for a free, no pressure consultation to talk about your upcoming wedding or family event!